US Border Service reported the leak photos of travelers

US Border Service reported the leak photos of travelers

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The leak was caused by a contractor who, without the knowledge of CBP, downloaded the data into its network.

The US Customs and Border Protection, CBP (US Customs and Border Protection) service reported a data breach, which resulted in the attackers gaining access to travelers' photos and license plates, according to The Washington Post.

The leak occurred as a result of hacking into the network of the subcontractor of the agency where the data was uploaded. According to the CBP, the incident affected the data of less than 100 thousand people. We are talking about photos of cars crossing the US border, but not photos from airports. Other personally identifiable information was not affected.

The CBP noted that the contractor had violated the terms of the contract, without the knowledge of the border service by uploading photos to its network.

As emphasized in the department, currently evidence of data leakage to the Internet or darknet is not detected. The border guards did not report who was behind the cyber attack. The name of the contractor is also not disclosed.


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