Updates for Windows Defender caused a failure in sfc / scannow

Updates for Windows Defender caused a failure in sfc / scannow

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It seems that the planned July updates for Windows 10 have nothing to do with this time.

Some users of Windows 10 unexpectedly encountered the inability to recover damaged files using sfc / scannow. The likely cause of the problem is a new version of Windows Defender.

The file scanning function in the built-in Windows System File Checker tool starts as expected, but then the process ends and a notification appears of the following type: “Windows Resource Protection found damaged files, but could not fix some of them. Details about online recovery are included in the CBS registry file in windir Logs CBS CBS.log. For example, C: Windows Logs CBS CBS.log. Details about the restoration of offline included in the registry file / OFFLOGFILE flag ".

However, according to readers of the Bleeping Computer portal, as shown by checking the aforementioned files using the fsutil hardlink list command, the hashes of their links are OK.

Despite the fact that the problem arose immediately after the release of the planned July updates from Microsoft, it was caused by an update for Windows Defender. Monthly updates for Windows regularly cause some problems, but in this case they seem to have nothing to do with it, because the failure in sfc / scannow occurred on systems where the July updates were not installed yet.

Version 1.297.823.0 may be a problem update for Windows Defender, but Microsoft has not yet confirmed this. Probably, the manufacturer will fix the problem with the release of the next update.


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