Three ways live face identification systems can tackle social issues

I wrote this blog with help from my colleague Alexis Camarillo. Spoilers ahead! If you haven’t seen the film ‘Coco’,…

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FIN8 hackers target PoS systems at gas stations to steal credit card data

Visa has warned of targeted cyber attacks aimed at Point-of-Sale (PoS) systems of North American fuel dispenser merchants. According to…

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VISA Warns of Ongoing Cyber Attacks on Gas Pump PoS Systems

The point-of-sale (POS) systems of North American fuel dispenser merchants are under an increased and ongoing threat of being targeted by…

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New Linux vulnerability allows hijacking VPN connections on Unix systems

Researchers from the University of New Mexico have unearthed a vulnerability that can be used by an attacker to determine…

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Iran’s APT33 sharpens focus on industrial control systems

Iran’s elite hacking group is upping its game, according to new evidence delivered at a cybersecurity conference this week. .…

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A new multi-platform backdoor targets both Windows and Linux systems

Researchers have discovered a previously undetected multi-platform malware that targets Windows and Linux platforms to steal sensitive information from compromised…

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Pwn2Own Adds Industrial Control Systems to Hacking Contest

The Zero Day Initiative will bring its first ICS Pwn2Own competition to the S4x20 conference in January. Vulnerability research competition…

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Pwn2Own Expands Into Industrial Control Systems Hacking

White-hat hackers will now have the chance to win $20,000 for sniffing out remote code-execution flaws in industrial control systems.…

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Pwn2Own Hacking Event Expands to Industrial Control Systems

The Pwn2Own hacking competition that will take place in Miami South Beach in January 2020 will also include popular Industrial Control…

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