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Facebook will stop mining contacts with your 2FA number

Facebook clearly likes to use as much of your personal data as it feels it can, and that includes the…

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US parents file class action against TikTok over children’s privacy

Collecting children’s data without their guardians’ consent is illegal under COPPA and already earned TikTok a huge fine. . US…

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Facebook, Twitter profiles slurped by mobile apps using malicious SDKs

Hundreds of users gave permission to these third-party apps to access their social media accounts, but the apps got more…

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Leak of 4,000 Facebook documents heaps more trouble on internet giant

This week’s bold rebrand of Facebook to FACEBOOK can’t hide the growing sense that nobody is happy with the company…

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Undercover reporter tells all after working for a Polish troll farm

Together with her troll colleagues, she managed 200 fake social profiles, promoted clients’ products, and trolled their competitors. . Undercover…

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WhatsApp sues spyware maker for allegedly hacking phones worldwide

WhatsApp has publicly attributed the attack on its users in May 2019 to the Israeli spyware makers, NSO Group. .…

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TikTok says no, senators, we’re not under China’s thumb

US lawmakers asked intelligence to look into whether the app and others like it could pose a security threat or…

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5 tips for better cybersecurity

The Naked Security team gives their top 5 cybersecurity tips. . 5 tips for better cybersecurity Naked SecuritySource link

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Facebook pulls fake news networks linked to Russia and Iran

It took down four foreign interference campaigns and announced initiatives to prevent foreign interference in US elections. . Facebook pulls…

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