An ongoing PayPal phishing scam aimes to steal a large swath of data

Researchers at ESET are warning of an ongoing phishing campaign targeting PayPal customers that attempts to steal not only access…

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Don’t fall for this porn scam – even if your password’s in the subject!

This “I am well aware” email is just another sextortion scam where crooks try to blackmail you with a video…

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5 scam prevention tips for seniors

How can people who didn’t grow up with technology protect themselves against some of the most common types of online…

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Feds Crack Down on Money Mules, Warn of BEC Scams

Authorities say they have halted over 600 domestic money mules – exceeding the 400 money mules stopped last year. .…

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Netflix account freeze – don’t click, it’s a scam!

The telltale signs are all there… but if you’re in a hurry, this Netflix scam passes the “visual appeal” test.…

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Black Friday Shoppers Targeted By Scams and Fake Domains

Cybercriminals are tapping in on Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers with an array of scams and malware – including…

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Office 365 Admins Targeted in Ongoing Phishing Scam

Using a real Office 365 account at a legitimate company to send out lures helps phishers evade email defenses. .…

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BEC Scam Costs Media Giant Nikkei $29 Million

In September, a Nikkei America employee transferred $29 million to BEC scammers who were purporting to be a Nikkei executive.…

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New Office 365 Phishing Scam Leaves A Voicemail

A fake voice message lures victims to a fake Microsoft 365 login page that prompts them to enter credentials. A…

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