An ongoing PayPal phishing scam aimes to steal a large swath of data

Researchers at ESET are warning of an ongoing phishing campaign targeting PayPal customers that attempts to steal not only access…

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VISA Warns of Ongoing Cyber Attacks on Gas Pump PoS Systems

The point-of-sale (POS) systems of North American fuel dispenser merchants are under an increased and ongoing threat of being targeted by…

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Office 365 Admins Targeted in Ongoing Phishing Scam

Using a real Office 365 account at a legitimate company to send out lures helps phishers evade email defenses. .…

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U.N., UNICEF, Red Cross Under Ongoing Mobile Attack

A smart mobile-first phishing effort uses valid certificates to sign fake Office 365 pages, and logs keystrokes in real time.…

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Ongoing phishing campaign targets UN humanitarian organizations

Over the past few months, multiple human rights organizations all over the world have been hit by spear-phishing attacks designed…

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An ongoing ‘SimJacker’ surveillance attack puts at risk over 1B mobile phone users

Cybersecurity researchers revealed the existence of a new and previously undisclosed vulnerability in SIM cards that for at least the…

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1B Mobile Users Vulnerable to Ongoing ‘SimJacker’ Surveillance Attack

More than one billion mobile users are at risk from a SIM card flaw being currently exploited by threat actors,…

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Hackers escalate ongoing attacks on WordPress sites, add backdoors and target new plugins

An ongoing malwaretising campaign that has been targeting WordPress sites since July 2019, has morphed from redirecting browsers to sites…

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WordPress Plugins Exploited in Ongoing Attack, Researchers Warn

Researchers warn users of several plugins to update as vulnerabilities are being actively exploited to redirect website visitor traffic. .…

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