Facebook will stop mining contacts with your 2FA number

Facebook clearly likes to use as much of your personal data as it feels it can, and that includes the…

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Facebook will target ads based on your Oculus VR data

If you’re logged into Facebook, it will suck up information such as which apps you use to provide “relevant content,…

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NSO Group President Defends Controversial Tactics

Firm defends controversial business offerings, claims it should be considered a force of good. . NSO Group President Defends Controversial…

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Taking over Facebook Page Tabs

Saying Hello from Facebook’s own Facebook Page… Continue reading on InfoSec Write-ups » Taking over Facebook Page Tabs InfoSec Write-ups…

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Facebook, Twitter profiles slurped by mobile apps using malicious SDKs

Hundreds of users gave permission to these third-party apps to access their social media accounts, but the apps got more…

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Facebook bug turns on iPhone camera in the background

A recent update to the Facebook’s iOS app introduced a bug that had some users worried Earlier in November, several…

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Microsoft to Apply California’s Privacy Law to All U.S. Users

The administrator of your personal data will be Threatpost, Inc., 500 Unicorn Park, Woburn, MA 01801. Detailed information on the…

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Leak of 4,000 Facebook documents heaps more trouble on internet giant

This week’s bold rebrand of Facebook to FACEBOOK can’t hide the growing sense that nobody is happy with the company…

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Undercover reporter tells all after working for a Polish troll farm

Together with her troll colleagues, she managed 200 fake social profiles, promoted clients’ products, and trolled their competitors. . Undercover…

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