Facebook will stop mining contacts with your 2FA number

Facebook clearly likes to use as much of your personal data as it feels it can, and that includes the…

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iPhone lockscreen bypass: iOS 13 tricked into showing your contacts

This time, José Rodríguez came up with a way to trick the iOS 13 beta into showing its address book…

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iOS 13 Passcode Bypass Lets You View Contacts on Locked Devices

Just eight days before Apple plans to release iOS 13, a security researcher has disclosed a passcode bypass that allows…

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iPhone iOS 13 Lockscreen Bypass Flaw Exposes Contacts

Apple will not fix the glitch until the release of iOS 13.1 later in September. . iPhone iOS 13 Lockscreen…

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Facebook Bug Bounty: Reading WhatsApp contacts list without unlocking the device

? Facebook Hall of Fame Award 2019 (Whitehat Report #106535943952122) Note: This is being published with the permission of Facebook…

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