Feds Crack Down on Money Mules, Warn of BEC Scams

Authorities say they have halted over 600 domestic money mules – exceeding the 400 money mules stopped last year. .…

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ID Thieves Turn to Snail Mail as Juicy Target for Financial Crimes

Hackers turn to old-school mail-forwarding scams to commit modern-day ID theft and financial crimes. . ID Thieves Turn to Snail…

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Florida city sends $742K to fraudsters as it bites the BEC hook

“Here’s our new bank account number,” the scammers said. When the real construction firm sent their invoice, payment was made…

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BEC Scam Costs Media Giant Nikkei $29 Million

In September, a Nikkei America employee transferred $29 million to BEC scammers who were purporting to be a Nikkei executive.…

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Phishers strike at mobile wellness app company

What were the phishers after? People’s login details for Office 365. . Phishers strike at mobile wellness app company Naked…

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Scammers Behind €10 Million BEC Fraud Arrested in Spain

Three people, part of a Business Email Compromise (BEC) scammer group that stole roughly €10.7 million ($11,900,000) from 12 companies, were…

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New Silent Starling Attack Group Puts Spin on BEC

The West African cybergang has successfully infiltrated more than 500 companies using a tactic dubbed ‘vendor email compromise.’ A new…

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Why This New Cybergang is Heralding a New Age For BEC

Cybergang Silent Starling is taking BEC to the next level by targeting suppliers and going after their customers. . Why…

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New Silent Starling Gang Targets 500+ Vendors in BEC Scam Twist

In a variation of the classic business email compromise (BEC) scam, a cyber gang managed to compromise email accounts of…

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