2-factor authentication

Facebook will stop mining contacts with your 2FA number

Facebook clearly likes to use as much of your personal data as it feels it can, and that includes the…

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5 tips for better cybersecurity

The Naked Security team gives their top 5 cybersecurity tips. . 5 tips for better cybersecurity Naked SecuritySource link

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Most Americans don’t have a clue what https:// means

…and wouldn’t know 2FA from a hole in the ground, according to Pew Research. . Most Americans don’t have a…

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Hackers bypassing some types of 2FA security FBI warns

Some types of 2FA security can no longer be guaranteed to keep the bad guys out, the FBI warned US…

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Twitter used 2FA phone numbers for targeted advertising

Twitter may have “inadvertently” handed phone and email data from some users to advertisers as part of its Tailored Audiences…

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YouTube ‘influencers’ get 2FA tokens phished

100K or so creators in the YouTube car community were targeted by a phishing campaign that captured 2FA codes. .…

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Google fixes Chromebook 2FA flaw in ‘built-in security key’

Google has discovered a flaw in a Chromebook security feature which allows owners to press their device’s power button to…

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Twitter slaps back SMS texting after @Jack hijacking

Two problems, Twitter says: vulnerabilities that mobile carriers need to fix & its reliance on linked numbers for 2FA. .…

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Court squeezes $1 million back from convicted phisher

Prolific phishing scammer Grant West has been sentenced to 10 years, 8 months, and reimbursement for victims. . Court squeezes…

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