Siemens fixed more than a dozen vulnerabilities in their products

Siemens fixed more than a dozen vulnerabilities in their products

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Problems allow DoS-attacks and remotely execute code.

As part of the May "Tuesday's fixes", Siemens released an update package that addresses dangerous vulnerabilities in a number of products, including LOGO and SINAMICS Perfect Harmony equipment.

According to the manufacturer, frequency converters SINAMICS Perfect Harmony GH180 contain a dangerous DoS vulnerability (CVE-2019-6574), which can be patched if you have access to the network where the vulnerable devices are located. In this case, the attacker will not need high privileges or user interaction.

As for the LOGO products, LOGO! 8 BM microcontrollers have identified three serious problems (CVE-2019-10919, CVE-2019-10920 and CVE-2019-10921), with which an attacker can change the device configuration, extract and decode the project data get unencrypted password. Bugs can be exploited by an unauthorized attacker with access to port 10005 / tcp.

In addition, the tool LOGO! Soft Comfort, used to configure and program LOGO controllers, is vulnerable to remote code execution (CVE-2019-10924). To use it, an attacker will need to force the user to open a specially created project file.

SIMATIC PCS7 and WinCC solutions also contain a number of vulnerabilities that allow remote execution of code, arbitrary commands or a DoS attack.

The update for SCALANCE W1750D access points fixes several bugs affecting Aruba Networks software (Siemens partner).

At the moment, cases of operation of the above vulnerabilities are not detected.

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