Java Digest (October 22 – November 5)

Java Digest (October 22 – November 5)


This digest is complementary to the debriefing podcast "Flight Analysis". This time Alexey Abashev and Oleg Chirukhin were in the studio, and Viktor Gamov was engaged in the production of the release.
You can get a podcast recording by either following the link. to the RP siteor by downloading MP3 file. (If the link to the RP website for some reason does not open, you need to wait a bit – Victor will upload the new version of the files and it will work).

  • IBM buys RedHat for 34 billion evergreens (with a real RH capitalization of about 20.5 billion).
  • Released GitLab 11.4
    • Merge Request Reviews – you can send your comments in batches, and not individually as before
    • Inclosed in .gitlab-ci.ym moved to the free version
    • Much more
  • AT keynout on Oracle Code One (video), Mark Reinhold mentioned the key areas of Java development. Valhalla, Panama, Amber, Loom were there. It seems that Loom is now officially be (although it is not clear yet – when). Ibid Georges Saab (chair of the OpenJDK governing board) recalled that it is possible, OpenJDK will move to Github, and almost soon (Project Skara). As Reinhold said, "In a careful way." Good analysis of keyout there is infoq, and perhaps we should also do our analysis on Habré.
  • Also on the OCO announced winners 2018 Duke’s Choice Award – Joint (self-driving car, not our conference!), Classs graphic, Twitter4J, Apache netbeans, Jelastic vertical memory scaling, MicroProfile.IO and Project Helidon. Community winners: Bgjug (the Bulgarian JUG) and Sharat chander.
  • Released Kotlin 1.3. Korutiny are now considered stable!
  • Eclipse GlassFish 5.1.0-RC1 Relaced on new infrastructure:
    • Detailed description of the new release here.
    • All code migrated under the wing of Eclipse
    • Java EE TCK is laid out in open source
    • Nightly builds are tuned to Jenkins and laid out in public access
    • Eclipse GlassFish has become Java EE 8 compatible, and now it can be distributed as a certified implementation.
      • Eclipse Foundation Signs Oracle Java EE TCK Agreement
      • Eclipse Foundation prepared infrastructure for testing
  • Eclipse Foundation Specification Process (replacing JCP) continues to evolve, and has now reached the conditional version 0.9
  • Eclipse Che 6.13
    • Plugins can be loaded in runtime in separate containers
    • Java 10
    • Gradle
    • Navigation inside JAR and other files
    • Normal transitions to the definition of objects
    • Refactoring renames to files, folders, objects
    • Much more, changelog here
  • Released Gradle 5.0 RC1
    • Kotlin DSL 1.0
    • Dependency version alignment
    • Gradle build initialization features
    • Searchable documentation
    • Task timeouts
    • Performance features
    • Java 11 runtime support
  • Is completed annual survey GitHub Octoverse. Three projects with most contributions: Visual Studio Code (19k), React Native (10k), and TensorFlow (9.3k). Three languages ​​that grow the fastest: Kotlin (2.6x), HCL (2.2x), and TypeScript (1.9x).
  • "A Seasonal Report on Developer: Open Source Edition (DigitalOcean)
    • 55% participate in OSS, but companies want more;
    • 3/4 of respondents say that the employer wants them to use OSS;
    • 75% of respondents say that their companies do not invest in OSS, and only 18% believe that their company is related to OSS;
    • The two main reasons for non-participation in OSS are: lack of clarity on how to start and uncertainty in one’s own skills;
    • In relation to large companies (Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple), respondents consider Google as the most useful for OSS;
  • O’Reilly conducted a survey about DevOps. According to the US, devops specialists are at the top of the salary list, the average salary is about $ 90k (for those who work 60 hours a week, the average is $ 131,000).
  • Australian government spent 700k $ on a blockchain research opportunity for the interests of digital government. It turned out that it is not clear how to use the blockchain. They especially dislike the “anonymous nature” of existing blockchain technologies.
  • Release Redis 5.0, a new data type: Streams (implementation based on Rax) which can help pattern-based applications. unified log. They are similar to Kafka, but support message persistence, master / replica replication.
  • Different releases of Spring:
  • For full steaks, we recall the release of new products in the world of JS: Angular 7, Electron 3, Node.js 10.13 LTS

Digest cooked

  • Text version: Oleg Chirukhin (content, layout, fact checking) and edited by Group;
  • Podcast "Debriefing" (link to record): Victor Gamov, Baruch Sadogursky, Alexey Abashev, Anton Arkhipov, Andrey Kogun and Oleg Chirukhin.

Java Digest (October 22 - November 5)
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