Fan of videoblogger PewDiePie forced 50 thousand printers to print ads for their idol

Fan of videoblogger PewDiePie forced 50 thousand printers to print ads for their idol

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@TheHackerGiraffe hacked 50 thousand internet-connected printers with outdated firmware.

Twitter user under the pseudonym @TheHackerGiraffe hacked 50 thousand printers and forced them to print leaflets calling to subscribe to the YouTube channel of the well-known video blogger PewDiePie.

November 29, models of printers of various purposes, ranging from multifunctional devices in large companies and ending with portable printers for printing receipts at gas stations, suddenly began to print an advertisement for the PewDiePie YouTube channel. The problem affected only devices connected to the Internet with old firmware and an activated port for printing.

The method of cyber attack is neither complicated nor new, and has been repeatedly used in the past. It consists of sending a message to the attacked printer using automated scripts. To do this, the device must have IPP (Internet Printing Protocol), LPD (Line Printer Daemon) and 9100 ports enabled.

As reported by @TheHackerGiraffe on the Reddit forum, he hacked only 50 thousand printers, although he could easily hack 800 thousand, currently available via the Internet. The attacker used the Printer Exploitation Toolkit (PRET) during the attack. The tool was released early last year along with a detailed description of the six vulnerabilities in 20 printer models.

PewDiePie (real name Felix Chelberg) is a 29-year-old Swedish video blogger whose channel is one of the most popular on YouTube and until recently had the largest number of subscribers (not counting the official YouTube channels). However, in recent months, the “throne” PewDiePie has been shaken – the Indian recording studio T-Series not only caught up with it, but even overtook it in terms of the number of subscribers. Currently, the T-Series channel has 72.6 million subscribers, while PewDiePie has 72.5 million.


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