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US parents file class action against TikTok over children’s privacy

Collecting children’s data without their guardians’ consent is illegal under COPPA and already earned TikTok a huge fine. . US…

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US tightens rules on drone use in policy update

When it comes to managing drones (Unmanned Aircraft Systems, or UAS) the US Department of Justice wants Americans to know…

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NSA won’t collect phone location data, promises US government

US intelligence agencies won’t harvest US residents’ geolocation data in future investigations, revealed the US government this month. . NSA…

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IT services pro hacked former client’s email

An IT project manager has pleaded guilty to accessing the email account of a former client’s CEO, said reports this…

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Police interrogate Alexa for clues in fatal spear-stabbing

A friend heard a couple arguing but couldn’t make out what it was about. Police hope that Alexa might have…

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Russia’s sovereign internet law comes into force

The new law compels the country’s ISPs to forward all data arriving and departing from their networks through special gateway…

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Judge lambasts porn company for spewing copyright lawsuits

A US court shielded ISP account holders from a request for expedited discovery to see whose IP addresses were used…

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WhatsApp sues spyware maker for allegedly hacking phones worldwide

WhatsApp has publicly attributed the attack on its users in May 2019 to the Israeli spyware makers, NSO Group. .…

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Facebook launches $2m suit against alleged phishing, hacking sites

Facebook is using trademark law to target the operators of sites that imitate or target Facebook and Instagram sites. .…

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