Three ways live face identification systems can tackle social issues

I wrote this blog with help from my colleague Alexis Camarillo. Spoilers ahead! If you haven’t seen the film ‘Coco’,…

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How to achieve out-of-the box global IoT connectivity

The IoT world is developing at a tremendous pace, but while Cisco estimates that there will be more than 50…

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Why Ethical Hackers have an essential part to play in protecting enterprise data from cybersecurity threats

The beginning of October sees the start of Cyber Security Awareness Month, a collaborative effort between governments and industry to…

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The evolution of smart cities: what provisions are vital for their success?

Cities are undergoing a wave of digital transformation. With rapid population growth and urbanization transforming the way we live, improving…

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Three developments helping to increase trust in the commercial drone ecosystem

In recent years, vast leaps forward in drone technology have helped to confirm their practical application in a variety of…

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Social Engineering Attacks: Common Methods Involved and How to Avoid Being Caught Out

In 2004, the Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance launched National Cyber Security Awareness Month as…

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Top digital security tips from our Just Ask Gemalto experts that can help you stay safe online

With technology moving into more areas of our lives than ever before, understanding how to protect your online data has…

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How AI protects data and identities

In today’s world we are constantly surrounded by a huge range of digital services that bring us countless benefits in…

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Rethink Your Enterprise Data Protection Strategy

In a quest for digital transformation, an increasing number of organizations across the globe are adopting the practice of Bring…

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