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Proofpoint’s 2020 Predictions: Downloaders and botnets abound while supply chains and account compromises will drive phishing

Every December, Proofpoint researchers examine trends from the prior year and predict changes in the threat landscape that defenders will…

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Buer, a new loader emerges in the underground marketplace

Overview For several years, Proofpoint researchers have been tracking the use of first-stage downloaders, which are used by threat actors…

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TA2101 plays government imposter to distribute malware to German, Italian, and US organizations

Proofpoint researchers recently detected campaigns from a relatively new actor, tracked internally as TA2101, targeting German companies and organizations to deliver…

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Proofpoint Q3 2019 Threat Report — Emotet’s return, RATs reign supreme, and more

Every day, Proofpoint analyzes more than 5 billion email messages, hundreds of millions of social media posts, and more than…

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UK offers a £20M worth Cyberthreat contract to CGI

Canadian Global Information is shortly known as CGI has bagged a government contract worth £20M to develop a Cyber Threat…

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TA505 Distributes New SDBbot Remote Access Trojan with Get2 Downloader

In September 2019, Proofpoint researchers observed a prolific threat actor, TA505, sending email campaigns that attempt to deliver and install…

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Threat Actor Profile: TA407, the Silent Librarian

In our September 5, 2019, Threat Insight post, “Seems Phishy: Back To School Lures Target University Students and Staff,” we…

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New WhiteShadow downloader uses Microsoft SQL to retrieve malware

While not a new development, the use of Microsoft SQL queries to retrieve next-stage payloads has been relatively rare as…

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Cloud Attacks Prove Effective Across Industries in the First Half of 2019

In a study encompassing the first half of 2019, Proofpoint researchers analyzed data from more than one thousand cloud service…

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