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Empathy in UX Design

Released 12/20/2019 Learn about how to build your empathy skills and create a culture of empathy that enhances user experience…

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SketchUp for Architecture: Details

Released 12/18/2019 Well-built and organized SketchUp projects allow architects to have greater flexibility at every stage of the design process.…

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Rhino: Analysis and Modeling Techniques

Released 12/17/2019 Rhino is an advanced 3D modeling tool used in architecture and industrial design. In this course, you can…

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Banish Your Inner Critic to Unleash Creativity

Released 12/13/2019 Imagine a world where you trusted your ideas and felt good about what you created. This world, where…

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CCNA (200-301) Cert Prep: Network Fundamentals and Access

Released 12/13/2019 The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification has been updated to reflect the latest technologies and job roles.…

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Data Ingestion with Python

Released 12/12/2019 A sizable portion of a data scientist’s day is often spent fetching and cleaning the data they need…

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Efficient Python Production Workflows

Released 12/11/2019 Writing code can be easy, but maintaining a product is always a challenge. In this course, learn what…

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Svelte: First Look

JavaScript frameworks and libraries keep growing, sprouting increasingly more dependencies along the way. Svelte—a new, lightweight component framework—marches into this…

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Building Advanced Alexa Skills

Released 12/6/2019 You’ve created a basic Alexa skill—but now it’s time to build something for the real world, using some…

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