Lenovo Warns on ThinkPad Bugs, One Unpatched

The notebook maker is warning users of three separate vulnerabilities. . Lenovo Warns on ThinkPad Bugs, One Unpatched ThreatpostSource link

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Hacked devices can be turned into acoustic weapons

Security researcher Matt Wixey found that many gadgets aren’t protected from being turned into hearing-damaging weapons. Or melting. . Hacked…

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Unpatched Flaws in IoT Smart Deadbolt Open Homes to Danger

Researchers are warning that unpatched flaws found in the Hickory Smart Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt allow an attacker with access to…

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Security Watch: Elon Musk’s NeuraLink Links Brains to iPhones via Bluetooth

Directly linking thoughts to a phone via Bluetooth — what could go wrong? . Security Watch: Elon Musk’s NeuraLink Links…

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Hacked Bluetooth hair straighteners are too hot to handle

What do cigarettes, candles, and faulty electrical appliances have in common with one another? The answer is they are among…

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Bluetooth Flaws Could Allow Global Tracking of Apple, Windows 10 Devices

Identifying tokens and random addresses, meant to create anonymity, do not change in sync on some devices — opening an…

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JetBlue Bomb Scare Set Off with Apple AirDrop

Someone AirDropped a picture of a suicide vest to multiple people on a JetBlue flight, prompting an evacuation. . JetBlue…

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Bluetooth LE’s anti-tracking technology beaten

Researchers have found holes in the Media Access Control (MAC) address randomisation feature used by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to…

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Medtronic rushes to replace insulin pumps after flaws found

Medtronic is immediately recalling of all MiniMed 508 & Paradigm insulin pumps after researchers uncovered serious security flaws. . Medtronic…

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