An ongoing PayPal phishing scam aimes to steal a large swath of data

Researchers at ESET are warning of an ongoing phishing campaign targeting PayPal customers that attempts to steal not only access…

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FIN8 hackers target PoS systems at gas stations to steal credit card data

Visa has warned of targeted cyber attacks aimed at Point-of-Sale (PoS) systems of North American fuel dispenser merchants. According to…

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GALLIUM threat group targets global telcos using widely available tools

The Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) issued a warning about attacks aimed at telecommunication providers from all around the globe…

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New Zeppelin ransomware targets healthcare and technology companies across US and Europe

Researchers have discovered a new ransomware strain targeting healthcare and technology companies across US and Europe with carefully chosen cyberattacks. The…

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Windows, Chrome 0-Days paired up in Operation WizardOpium campaign

0-Day vulnerabilities in Google’s Chrome browser and Microsoft Windows were used in attacks attempting to infect with malware Windows users who…

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New Linux vulnerability allows hijacking VPN connections on Unix systems

Researchers from the University of New Mexico have unearthed a vulnerability that can be used by an attacker to determine…

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North Korean hackers adopt a new technique to infect macOS machines

The Lazarus group, which considered to be one of the North Korea’s state-sponsored hacking units, has been found to be…

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New destructive wiper ZeroCleare targets industrial and energy organizations in the Middle East

IBM’s security researchers uncovered previously unknown malware that appears to be developed by Iranian hackers and was used in destructive…

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Dozens of hotels all over the world targeted in RevengeHotels credit card data-stealing campaign

Security researchers at Kaspersky have published a new report detailing a cybercrime malware operation, dubbed RevengeHotels, aimed at hotels, hostels,…

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