APT33 has shifted targeting to industrial control systems software, Microsoft says

(Getty Images) technology Written by Sean Lyngaas Nov 22, 2019 | CYBERSCOOP In the last two months, an aggressive hacking…

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Iran’s APT33 sharpens focus on industrial control systems

Iran’s elite hacking group is upping its game, according to new evidence delivered at a cybersecurity conference this week. .…

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10,000 Microsoft customers targeted by nation-state attacks in the last year

(Getty) technology Written by Shannon Vavra Jul 17, 2019 | CYBERSCOOP Microsoft has notified 10,000 customers in the past year…

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Microsoft Outlook Vulnerability linked to Iranian Hacking Group APT33 and APT34

US Cyber Command has issued a warning via Twitter on Tuesday stating vulnerability in Microsoft’s Outlook application which could be…

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Spies targeting Saudi Arabia switched tactics after Symantec exposed them, report says

APT33 changed their code after a report in March. (Getty) government Written by Jeff Stone Jun 26, 2019 | CYBERSCOOP…

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Elfin espionage group is focused on Saudi, U.S. organizations, Symantec says

(Getty Images) government Written by Sean Lyngaas Mar 27, 2019 | CYBERSCOOP In the last three years, a suspected Iranian…

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