Facebook will stop mining contacts with your 2FA number

Facebook clearly likes to use as much of your personal data as it feels it can, and that includes the…

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S2 Ep 13: Weird Android zero day and other tech fails – Naked Security podcast

Listen to the latest episode now! . S2 Ep 13: Weird Android zero day and other tech fails – Naked…

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Food writer Jack Monroe loses at least £5,000 in SIM-swap fraud

Her accounts were drained in spite of using 2FA, showing that SIM swaps can still circumvent what’s a good security…

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Watch out for this latest LinkedIn phish that’s ‘sent’ by a friend

We recently showed you how crooks rip off social networking passwords – here’s what they do with stolen accounts. .…

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Most Americans don’t have a clue what https:// means

…and wouldn’t know 2FA from a hole in the ground, according to Pew Research. . Most Americans don’t have a…

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Hackers bypassing some types of 2FA security FBI warns

Some types of 2FA security can no longer be guaranteed to keep the bad guys out, the FBI warned US…

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Twitter used 2FA phone numbers for targeted advertising

Twitter may have “inadvertently” handed phone and email data from some users to advertisers as part of its Tailored Audiences…

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Most Americans Fail Cybersecurity Quiz

Study participants fail to correctly identify core security concepts and tools to help them stay safe online. . Most Americans…

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YouTube ‘influencers’ get 2FA tokens phished

100K or so creators in the YouTube car community were targeted by a phishing campaign that captured 2FA codes. .…

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