CTF- Writeup NULL Monthly Meet 22/09/2019

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Welcome to the challenge of Stegnography. The text given is mainly based on atmosphere related. Let’s download the file provided in the challenge.

The main concept of stegnography challenge is hiding the text. So after downloading the file let’s read the content provided in the file by converting the file into .txt extension.

After converting the file.

We observed a text provided into it. After analyzing according to the text as the words suggest “ baraf dekhi nahi “ we can get a strike that there may be some not seen text. Let’s select all the text in the file , there we observed that there are some white spaces given.

That symbolize there’s some text that cannot be seen but is there. That states that the challenge is based on white stegnography.

Doing some search we found that this could only be possible with only one method that is “ Whitespace Stegnography”.

After going through the documentation lets download the executable file provide as per laptop configuration.

There found the documentation of the tool name “SNOW” .Lets execute the tool with the command instruction provided into the documentation.

Bingo , after executing the command of decryption we got the flag as decrypting the file.


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CTF- Writeup NULL Monthly Meet 22/09/2019
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