Attackers come up with a new type of telephone fraud

Attackers come up with a new type of telephone fraud

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Victims receive a call from a bank employee who wants to suspend a financial transaction.

Recently, attackers came up with a new method of telephone fraud. Criminals in a telephone conversation appear to be bank employees and inform the victim of an unauthorized attempt to withdraw her funds in another region. According to the newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta, fraudsters do not ask victims for any confidential information.

An attacker reports about the successful blocking of this transaction and offers help in resolving the situation. Having found out which of the two Android or iOS operating systems the client is using, the “employee” suggests disconnecting the unused system using the TeamViewer application. TeamViewer allows other people to connect to the device and perform operations on behalf of the user.

As noted in the publication, in this case it will be extremely difficult to prove an attempt of unauthorized hacking, since the user voluntarily provides access to the smartphone.
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