Siemens Industrial Solutions Detect Hazardous Vulnerabilities

Siemens Industrial Solutions Detect Hazardous Vulnerabilities

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Operating vulnerabilities in Siemens SIPROTEC 5, DIGSI 5 and Spectrum Power allows you to delete files or cause a denial of service.

A total of three dangerous vulnerabilities were discovered in Siemens SIPROTEC 5, Spectrum Power and DIGSI 5 products, the successful operation of which could lead to a denial of service, deletion of files or the ability to monitor information.

The SIPROTEC 5 and DIGSI 5 solutions revealed two vulnerabilities (CVE-2019-10930 and CVE-2019-10931), providing the ability to download, upload, or delete files in specific partitions of the file system or cause a denial of service to the device. Problems can be exploited by sending specially-formed packets on TCP port 443. The degree of danger of usability is estimated at 7.3 and 7.5 points on the CVSS v3 scale, respectively.

Bugs affect the following versions of the products: SIPROTEC 5 (all versions up to 7.90 versioning CPU CP300, CP200 and CP100 and network communication modules 6MD85, 6MD86, 6MD89, 7UM85, 7SA87, 7SD87, 7SL87, 7VK87, 7SA82, 7SA86, 7SD82, 7SD86, 7SL82 , 7SL86, 7SJ86, 7SK82, 7SK85, 7SJ82, 7SJ85, 7UT82, 7UT85, 7UT86, 7UT87, 7VE85) and DIGSI 5 (all versions up to 7.90). The corrected version of the firmware is available on the manufacturer's website.

In Spectrum Power 3 (versions 3.11 and higher), Spectrum Power 4 (version 4.75), Spectrum Power 5 (versions 5.50 and higher), Spectrum Power 7 (versions 2.20 and higher), a vulnerability CVE-2019-10933 was found that allowed the implementation of arbitrary code into a specially crafted HTTP request and monitor the information. The vulnerability is due to the fact that the web server allows a XSS attack when clicking on a malicious link. Successful operation requires user interaction, and the user does not need to be authorized in the web service.

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